How much will OnePlus 7 cost? One Plus 7 Pro Leaked Images – Pre Order Booking on AMAZON

There’s no word on the OnePlus 7 price, but the OnePlus 6T – the most recent handset from the firm – launched at $549 / £499 / AU$599 and prices have been gradually creeping up since the range began, so we’d expect the OnePlus 7 will cost at least that much if not more. If you want 5G though you might have to pay more .

Whether Oneplus 7 is waterproof? There is no available evidence as of now that assures that OnePus 7 will be waterproof. But like its predecessors, it will surely be splashproof and will provide a high level of water resistance.

OnePlus 7 is expected to be released around mid-2019. OnePlus 6 was announced in May 2018, which means that the same could happen with OnePlus 7 in May 2019. OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3 were launched in June of their release years, which points towards June 2019 as the possible release period.

OnePlus confirmed back in 2018 that it will release a 5G smartphone this year. However, when talking about this mysterious 5G phone, the company has always been careful not to call it the ‘OnePlus 7‘. This would make sense considering, more recently, word of multiple OnePlus 7 variants has emerged.

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